Coming on 9/11/21 



America's 9/11 Living Classroom will be a traveling exhibit that will tell the story of the worst terrorist attack on American soil that unfolded on Tuesday September 11th 2001, beginning at 846am. 


It will share the untold stories of: 









Included in the exhibit will be the 9/11 timeline, crash site artifacts and personnel belongings of those lost on 9/11 and in the global war on terrorism. 


The exhibit will be made up of several components which will create a compound like setting. 


A 26 foot custom trailer will serve as a storage unit while on the road and as a ticket counter and merchandise store while setup at the event.

Trailer cost: $20,000.00


A 20x20 foot tent will serve as a theater, featuring a 20 minute film with interviews of survivors, witnesses, 1st responders and family members. 

Theater cost: $4,000.00


The "Classroom" will be a custom 48'foot trailer that visitors will be able to enter and see the artifacts and belongings and read the stories of that fateful day and of the days that followed. 

Classroom cost: $236,000.00


A 30x30 foot tent will serve as the War exhibit, featuring display cases of personnel belongings and tv's with video's of those who served, died and continue to serve our country to protect our nation and freedom.

War exhibit cost: $15,000.00


Additional costs:

*2 Custom Trucks $100,000.00 

* Security System $1,000.00

* Custom Truck and Trailer Wraps $20,000.00 

* Marketing $3,000.00

* Video production $2,000.00  

* Volunteer Area/10x10 tent, 3 8' tables, 10 folding chairs, gas grill, coolers $1,000.00

* Handicap Ramps $9,500.00

* Crowd Control Barriers $1,000.00 


Total costs: $412,500.00


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